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About the Owner: Crystal Bishop

Welcome Everyone!

First, I want to thank everyone for their support and joining us at Backnbalance Day Spa. I created an atmosphere where it feels comfortable for everyone the moment you walk in. The light earthy aromas that calm your inner presence the moment you step in the door. Offering a snack and complimentary drinks before we take you back to our calming candle lite massage rooms. 

I am originally from Winter, WI. Growing up I rarely traveled anywhere that wasn't driving distance. My passion for traveling now feeds my soul and gives me ambition. I went to a few places out of the country, most recently was Thailand in 2019, and I absolutely loved every moment of touring Bangkok and Phuket.  

I started Backnbalance Day Spa in 2014, I had zero clients and told myself I didn’t want to work under another company and only receive a percentage for my hard work. I was going to pursue my dreams as a business owner. I rented out a room from Jon Ric Med Spa, then the Yoga Oasis.


When I was six months pregnant with my first son, I received the news that the Yoga Oasis was closing business. I had 30 days to figure out what I was going to do. I had 3 rooms at that time with a couple employees working with me. I was a single mother that wasn’t going to be getting any support. At the time it seemed devastating but turned out to be one of the biggest blessings, it gave me the drive and ambition to open my own massage business.

It’s so cliché to say but when one door close's a better one open's.


Just trust gods timing. My kids have pushed me to another level in my life over all. I am proud they get to watch their mom be independent and successful. I'm proud to be able to show my kids that anything is possible with hard work, consistency and dedication. I plan to have multiple locations in the near future. I absolutely love what I do, I've been a MT for 16 year’s., I also do custom spray tanning. I worked side by side with many chiropractors learning about medical related injuries. I have personally worked on over 200 athletes in the past. I was lucky enough to get a few signed balls and jerseys for my son Cole. I recently had another boy named Jaxson, they are my two biggest blessings in life. I cherish every moment being a mom, I also have two dogs that my boys adore. I am a very busy woman but wouldn't change a thing! 

It’s a pleasure meeting all of you and watching you smile when you walk out of the massage rooms, we thank you for your time and support. We hope you become a member and enjoy the perks and benefits we have for you at Backnbalance Day Spa!! Blessings to everyone, take care of your body it’s your temple! If you want to try sarga, or ashiatsu with me please request online. They are one of my favorite style of massages. "Health is wealth"



Crystal Bishop -  MT #8879 






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